go for it

I just decided to go for it.

We are promised life abundantly, but it's up to us to manifest it.

After graduating from college, I struggled with what success looked like.

I had a great job but I still wasn't happy. I knew that I had a purpose for being here, but I felt so far from it. I began struggling with depression, and before I knew it, my life took a downward spiral. 

I promised myself that if I ever recovered, I would create the life I wanted and help others do the same. And with GOD, that's just what I did! I decided to pursue my passion and start my own business! 

At the core of all I do is faith and a spirit of gratitude. This is the winning combination for success and it continues to allow me to serve my clients well.

​In addition to CC Media, I founded Tic Task Virtual Assistant Services. Tic Task provides team support to help faith-based business restore order, cut the confusion, and get more accomplished so they can spend time on what matters most. You can typically find me behind the scenes, behind a camera educating others, or doing anything that involves branding, marketing, and design! 


Chelsea Cooper Media services faith-based businesses using consulting, marketing and web design services.

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